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  • No compromise, through hell or high water!

    ጌታቸው ረዳ (Ethiopian Semay)

    The present idiots in power are bringing OLF & ONLF from Asmara publicly telling you that secession is allowed if the public allows it through democratic vote. My question to you is h ow far wil l you c ompromise to the s ecessionist agenda in the name of Democracy?

    You want me to define what is democracy? You may not like my definition to democracy, but I will latter below. What is democracy? We will see it below. What is compromise? We will exami ne that too in detail. We will deal with these t wo important titles to talk here. I beg you to finish this article - it is a provoking thoughts to all of you that no one yet brought up this way. I am hoping some mediocre opposition leaders and citizens will get some idea from this commentary and change their pat hetic MEDEMER political myth .

    Ignoring the generation of the AESM / EPRP/TPLF/EPLF/OLF / toxic accou nt s aside about Haileselassie’s Ethiopia ; genuine Ethiopians who born during the Haileselassie era will definitely tell you that Ethiopia was a spectacle flourishing flower of Africa until the mentioned toxic groups herded & brainwashed by the ideology of KGB, CIA & Arabs stampede through quiet & peaceful neighborhood like violent herd of cows trampling, & ripping the flourishing life of the country to the point where we are now facing even worst lunatic gangs threatening to even destroy whatever is left .

    The last lunatic group who was terrifying the life of the Ethiopian people is TPLF (still 50 - 50 in power dying or staying). Presently Oromo populist elites are shaping a new system in order to make a bridge for another lunatic group namely OLF and ONLF to take over power in order to destroy whatever is left for them from the previous leftover destruction .

    Ethiopia will disappear unless concerned citizens fight back against all odds , including all the populist Eskender Negga , and the rest of his groups w ho are running for democracy, I can tell you with full certainty Eskender and his groups will not challenge the secession ists to be ridiculed or banned their secessionist agenda legally in any of the political debates or in the coming new constitution. L oose democracy is their motto since they came out from prison.

    T he democracy Abey and the rest of the lunatics want you to approve for them is “any lunatic criminal who was raping women hiding from the law is now allowed to come out publicly to demand as his right to rape a country as the Italians did or to rape a ny women of his wish as long as he is playing in the circuses of public debate called democracy .

    If majority say ‘let him rape animal or human ”, then he will, because the majority says so. Lunatics will ask you back - no one will allow rapist to vote for him. But, is rape only for sexual rape? Have any one of you read a small book called “The rape of Ethiopia?” You will see there what rape is meant. It is inevitable phenomenon any human s ociety will slowly do the unthinkable after gradual introduction to the anything unthinkable.

    Have you ever thought you will see a gruesome public crime in Shasshmene in Ethiopia in any territory similar to the Afghanistan or Libyan criminal gangs to be committed in Ethiopia in pub lic ? No, but slowly the subversion was working its way for the last 27 years by lunatic politicians, using politics to do crime. Th erefore unless strange demands restricted by law on time - they will be taken as a norm in the mind of the public. To start, b and them or not lunatic politicians will not disappear from the life of the Ethiopians any ways . If so, w hy not then band them and give them hell as their wish?

    As we are now told, if the agenda of the lunatic OLF/ONLF demand s ar e legally allowed for referendum by their respected community through so called democracy ( A favorite tool of evil politicians used mainly to hypnotize the mind of ignorant voter s to in salve them voluntarily), t hen the rape of Ethiopia will be inevitable . Democracy is a smart tool given by Europeans to Ethiopian poli ticians starting 1991 (Euro year ) to allow Ethiopia be raped by different gangs.

    I am not talking myth here. It is true. I am dismissing democracy after I saw over and over those elites no mat ter how sweet they talk; at the end they ended cannibalizing the mind and life of citizens through this untouchable mystery tool called ‘democracy’.

    Even Abey Ahmed who claimed as democrat, in fact claimed he is not a boss , but , a servant of the public is now signing a very sensitive sovereign agenda s such as ports, borders and so on without consulting his boss (The Ethiopian people!!!! ).

    You all remember, After Haileselassie’ s removal from power, all these groups came to the field of politics claimed the y all are defendant of democracy. All these leftists and even those Islamo fascist elements like that of the Qero leader ‘ Jawar Mohammed ’ will also tell you democracy means majority rule. When asked who are the majority? They will tell you ‘the people”. Interestingly enough the majo rity being the ruler, is the majority poor (the working people). The popular Plato was a committed anti democracy. Not only Plato, but even Aristotle. One may ask why ? Aristotle’s definition said ‘democracy is a constitution in which the poor and the free courtesy of being the majority controlled the government”. It is interesting when you really deeply examine at the definition how political scientists define this tone of Aristotle . It is clear that t he system of governance in which power lies with the poo r who happened to be the majority .

    Now, will the poor and ignorant citizens in Ethiopia really rule power where hateful and criminal elements already hijacked their mind for too long ? Like or not, a t the end of the day in Ethiopia , no matter how flower - is h and beautiful speech democracy is defined, two things will happen (1) the majority/mob/ will rule on the minorities’ life ------ or else (2) - the elite will cannibalize the majority working poor’s power where individual elite/s becomes the rulers of power. We have seen this over and over in Ethiopia.

    The question is Will the myth what is called democracy save our fragile flower from trampled by human herds ?

    The answer is “no”. Because, democracy never proved no country saved by it or destroyed by it. The Su danese, The Eritreans, the Somalis all are victims of democracy. They think they touched it, but, it melted away again from their fist and when that happens, their elites turned their society to a worst nightmare they never dreamed to be.

    As I said it over and over before - if democracy is going to work , peace and security of the citizens should be stable and secured before thinking about mob rule. C r iminals and hateful politicians are now getting more opportunity to do more harms than ever before. In one week di stance unknown number s, perhaps by thousands /millions deported from their own country, Villages & towns are vulnerable for criminal. Citizens property robed, married, un married and young virgin girls raped in broad daylight . B usinesses, properties destroyed, priests slaughtered and 11 churches burned down to ashes . This is in Ogaden of Kandahar o f Afghanistan . All this was carried no question by the secessionist ONLF and of course Abdi Ele’s Gestapo army . What drove them into this? Hate and pow er . These are Islamo Fascist groups who are let loose to do crime in the name of nation, nationality and people s which is indeed Fascist i deology. Once a person or group is poss e sse d by those two demons, y ou can’t treat these elemis through love.

    Let us be honest. Many of the Ethiopian politicians are unpunished criminal s, involved in an organi zed crime , such as ‘ethnic cleansing, slaughtering children and pregnant women’. Those are hard core criminals habitually using politics to co mmit crime. Many of the past or the present crimes are caused from the teaching of the same criminals who still are taken by Abey Ahmed government as genuine politicians.

    Given love or not , these habitual criminals will never be cured. Mark my wo rd. Crime and denying is mixed with their blood for many, many years (it is becoming p atholog i c behavior . It is morbid ). To those elements ‘politic in Ethiopia is their favorite tool to commit crime ’ . This is because; they have so many meddlers ( አለቅላቂ ) who protected them. There no strong commitment made to bring them to justice , because all the elements running the show/the system are partner in crime.

    I predicted one thing on my previous papers.

    Worst now is even than before. The young Oromo fanatic Isl am Jawar Mohammed who fears to admit or asked to apologize for his own multiple violent propaganda s , he declined to do so. To my surprise , he went to Ethiopia as freedom fighter!! As I predicted it before, if he or the OLF or any of those likes allowe d to come in Ethiopia, there will be systematic violence . And di d happen in a bizarre violence in Shashmenne , perpetrated by Oromo Qero fascist elements. Many Ethiopian Oromo analysts say it was an intense conflict between Jawar ’ s OLF / and the Jara ’ s O LF and the Qerro supporters of Daud Ibsa OLF Qerro segments (three Qerro segments) .

    This gruesome murder of torturing and hanging citizen’s body upside down on a standing poll in public in broad day light is happening during the anarchic Oromo administration lead by Abey Ahmmed and Lema Megersa. Will we see such crime again else where? Yes, as long as these lawless and hateful criminals’ ideology is allowed to roam around the nation freely, yes it is going to happen again and again regardless gaps in between.

    Anarchy is common now during the MEDEMER ideology of anarchists which Ab ey failed to secure the life of citizens properly . It is not new phenomenon to see where ever the so called Qerro , the young Oromo segments who developed hatred to Ethiopia with i ts national flag and national language “ Amharic ”. Without getting into the s t ory;. Look this photo and judge it to yourself if this gruesome act murder is happening in Ethiopia or Lybiya or Afghanistan?

    These young Oromo spectators are not even seen to be bother ed or frightened with such nauseating seen. This is because 47 ye ars work of OLF and which later Jawar added into the game of OLF activity actively in last 15 years which resulted Oromo youths becoming lynching mob . The mobs or the spectators did not feel what is going on around them, because, Jawar and OLF were teachin g the Oromo to evict Ethiopians from Oromo localities for many years, and t hat is the mentality now serving as a spring to commit such gruesome crime and comfortably stand around it as if a goat meat is hanging. They do not care if the victims are Oromo or another ethnic. Once one is out of their order or ideology that is enough for any mob to act that way. The Qero are lawless youth mobs who are well organized by OLF and Jawar (perhaps urged by local right wing conservative Oromo elders, or also by Lema an d Abey as insiders as well).

    Let me start asking you !

    Will you compromise your safety for the sake of democracy by allowing secessionist groups like OLF/ONLF who still told the anarchic government of Abey Ahmed openly, that they are not willing to drop their agenda of secession even they are willing to come in to Ethiopia as we speak ?

    The answer is “ yes ” there are many lunatic meddlers like the Semayawi party who declared openly that OLF/ONLF are not terrorists. Even though we see the evidence many time s supported by international and local documents in the past many years and also including the following recent Ogaden anarchic crime. Watch the slog an written on the wall that read ONLF and also Heego (Abdi’s Gestapo gangs) . Both A bdi’s Gestapo gangs and the ONLF thuggish members inside “JigJiga town’ fighting for turf already made the life innocent citizens unbearable . Shockingly still ONLF is in Addis legally called to continue its act of d estruction legally by Abey .

    Now, you have heard your hypnoti c leader Abey Ahmed told you that OLF and ONLF are allowed to continue demanding their cession from the ‘Empire/Colonialist Ethiopia”. Now, Their Ax is sharp and ready to chop more heads using the opportunity given by Abey Ahmed.

    My real challenge to you i s - w ill you compromise to this conspiracy? What is compromise mean?

    To compromise is to decrease your value, your quality. In this sense, if you compromise Ethiopia under any pressure, you are weakening its dignity, its ter ritory, pride and history of our people. What it means is, if you give up the nation’s quality that is the end of t he story! If you do compromise, it is not going to be the Ethiopia that our ancestors left for us which was sealed and stamped with their blood and bone.

    What I saw majority of the Ethiopian elites, particularly the opposition political leaders (most of them) have been lowering the value of the nation like a commodity for sale in the name of rights or in the name of democracy . In the last 26 years of Tigrayan and Oromo hegemon y against Ethiopia sovere ignty was clearly a conduct of a naked aggression. What the strange thing makes this aggression to effectively apply its plan was because the nation was compromised by inconsiderate collaborators (meddlers). The opposition is what I am talking about. They never strongly oppose such conspiracy. Compromising was their wo rd of agenda in the mouth of many of the oppositions.

    The more the opposition inside or the opposition outside Ethiopia compromise with these thugs; the thugs demanded more and more and more concession. That is why Jawar, OLF,ONLF & EPLF are now in Ethiopia to demand for more concession. When we confronted the political leaders, and their followers and their media propagandists to stop compromising; they refused to heed our advice. Strangely they want to bow for it even further , because “for of that reason, or for this reason, or for unguaranteed compromise of ‘Give and Take’ negotiation” , they compromise . By doing so, they discredit their pride; they discredit and disho nor the nation by risking a value in a way it reduces it.

    Many Ethiopian elites, be it they are in politics or by standards, they all bend or give - in to the pressure. Ethiopia currently needs not some mediocre politicians who compromise with different sort s of enemies, but leaders and citizens who can resist “pressure”. I have been saying all along do not give in to it! Do not give in to the pressure, don’t compromise. Because, the more you compromise, the more you tolerate . That means you will always allow any harm that comes from enemy as accepted norm. You will start to say things that you never say before, so you can tolerate them. This is exactly what we are hearing in the opposition media like ESAT and other commentators and journalists all over using names of place/cities/towns/universities created by Ethiopia’s enemies.

    Adama / Finfine / Haromaya / Biher ... on and on... They claimed “it is okay, no big deal, we are families, we are all Ethiopian, and we can talk or deal about those names when Weyane is gone... ”. This how the opposition give - in to the propaganda pressure from the thuggish group and misguided the youngsters to use them for the rest of their life. Now, Weyane is gone (by Jawrs theory) still the OLF flag is even hoisted more than ever in Addis Abab a and in Ethiopia legally. Where are you fools who were telling me that OLF/ONL... will drop their flag or we will talk about flags and names when Weyane is gone? Your cheap talks are even compromising to their agenda worst even than before in the name of ME DEMER?

    The reason you tolerate them, is not because of the reason mentioned above; you tolerate them because you are afraid to confront them. What you do not realize is every time we tolerate something, we are compromise our value system.

    This is how the opposition leaders, journalists, commentators, Internet, TV and radio media tolerate the crime and conspiracy of OLF/TPLF/EPLF/ONLF design in the name of tolerance ( መቻቻል ). When the media and such groups use or tolerate the terms/ vocabularies/ names/flags designed by enemies, it demonstrates they are in agreement with it.

    Scholars in such field will tell you, that the more you tolerate something, the greater chance of doing it yourself. That is why we see the Ethiopians opposition conferences seen decorate d by Ethiopian flag together with the OLF/EPLF/ONLF flags. Strangely also, the audiences do not seem to be bothered by it - because; they are tuned to tolerate such conspiracy by leaders who are willing to give - in to pressure. By doing so, the opposition br ought discredit to our flag, to the nation and to the God of Ethiopia who designed our flag. Even the patriotic Tedy Afro joined with the group who are willing to hoist the Shaabiay flag in Addis Ababa.

     The God of Ethiopia is calling you all for integrity to the flag and to the nation whom he protected her from various enemies!!!!!!!!! The God of Ethiopia in our religion might teach us to love the sinners, but we do not have to tolerate the sin. No compromise!!

    These elites of ours are defusing our concent ration, our quality by diluting enemies’ agenda into our business“. My mother used to run a popular Tela Bet business (our traditional beer) that was famous for its “concentration” quality (WEFRAM/GUSH). Many people loved it. They do not need to eat any br eakfast/even lunch once they had two or three Menlik/ ዋንጫ / of it. If she saw the servant adding too much water in to the barrel, she stands up and stops her from adding too much water into it. Her objection is , ‘even though we can make money by adding too much water to the process, we should not do it; even if the process required adding water, once it loses its concentration (strength), the quality that people respect will be gone”. That is what she my mother used to say.

    Yes, she is right. When you add water, it does what? It loses its concentration. That i s what happens when you compromise; you begin to lo ose your concentration. By losing your focus/ originality, you become a diluted Ethiopian!!!! You become weaken, you loosen your strength. It is hard to go through a storm when your strength is gone!!!!!! It is hard to fight against the enemy when you are weaken and diluted. It is hard to deal with national crisis when you loose your concentration. All this is because you compromised to the enemy!!!!!!

    The weakest groups in the political struggle in our opp osition organization regardless they promise you the Oromo or the Somali are nor for secession, that means these are meddlers who are ready to compromise your sovereignty in the name “Trust us OLF /ONLF have no place to be listen by their respected communi ty if demand secession ” . yOu can easily identify compromiser.

    You can tell by their mouth those who are soft talkers of democracy preachers and willing to compromise “principle” from those boldly adamant to refuse any compromise come hell or high water.

    Defeated group always defeated spirit . Because they give - in their Ethiopian principle due to th e pressure from those enemies. To show respect to the nihilists’ and enemies’ flags and their agenda is a sign of defeat!! We can see where OLF/ONLF and others w ere few years back an d where they are now. They were touring with those who claimed Ethiopia groups (unity force) and allowed to brainwash, insult and disrespect Amhara or Ethiopia in - front of Ethiopian audiences. Now, they are legally called by the anarch ic Abey inside Ethiopia hoisting their flag. Shockingly, t he Ethiopia n in the Diaspora or Ethiopians inside Ethiopia have now accepted the defeat. They are not in a state of judging what is right or wrong.

    This is because; our society is guided by defeate d leaders. Our society is lead by chameleons! They adapt and blended to the enemy’s environment with no shame, thinking they are playing politics/tricks. Every time these political Chameleons are around with different groups of nihilists, you will see them transformed into one of them.

    They speak the language of the enemy, they speak and exercise the conspiratorial terms framed by the enemies and they too use them. When you heard this with your own ears; to the extent, you will ask to yourself saying “Are t hese ours? Or theirs?” These are human chameleons. They acted like them, pleased every environment, they please enemies.

    Worst of all, our people gather around them in every conference. When you sit too long with enemies eventually, no matter how much you resist, I guaranty you, you too will preach and talk the same thing the enemy talks and do. That is exactly why you saw the first fellow who spoke to thank Jawar for standing in defense to the Amahara people in his visitation to Baherdar public gathering, stating as the following;

    “ አቶ ንጉሡ ሲሉን እንደነበረው እኔም ለዚች ዕለት መብቃት ህ ..አቶ ጃዋር እዚህ ደረስ በመምጣትህ አመሰግናለሁ። እነ አቶ ጃዋር ለረዢም ጊዜ በነበረው ስርዓት ለ27 አመታት በተለያየ ጊዜያት ስንገደል፤ስንጨቆን፤ስንሳደድ እንደ አውሬ፤በተለያዩ ቦታዎች ስንፈናቀል፤ይህን ሁሉ በደል ድምጽ ሆነኸን በተለያየ መልኩ ድምፅህን ስታሰማ ልናመሰግንህ አንፈልጋለን።” (አማራ ወጣ ት በባሕርዳር ከተናገረው አሳፋሪ ንግግር ያደመጥኩት ጥቅስ ጌታቸው ረዳ)

    You and I know that let alone Jawar to defend for Amhara victims for the last 27 years, Jawar was demanding Ethiopians be evicted out of Oromia. Who was the one evicted from Oromia? The Amhara. But, why did thi s fellow tend to thanks Jawar that way? Because as he clearly stated it at his starting speech “ አቶ ንጉሡ ሲሉን እንደነበረው ..” he defended his story on Negsu who is the meddler in between Jawar and the Amhara community who spoke and talk the same as the rest of th e liars like him who claimed Jawar was freedom fighter who stood for Amhara freedom and for all of us”. That is why I said, when you sit too long with enemies eventually, no matter how much you resist, I guaranty you, you too will preach and talk the same thing the enemy talks and do. At the end I like to say this; – When an Ethiopia forms a binding relationship with none Ethiopian believer, it weakens his/her commitment, weakens character and lowers his/her standards. I do not know about you - as far as me, I can’t afford to loose my patriotic concentration to allow myself to become a diluted Ethiopian. I have been going too much in my life to be weak right now at this point, so I decid ed, through hell or high water, “ I WILL NOT COMPROMISE!!!!!! ”. If you call yourself Ethiopian, you are going to have to bring - up yourself where I am. I am not saying, I am better than anybody else, but, I refused to lower myself by compromising my country that my father served, fought and die. The agenda and the conspiracy of dismemberment of Ethiopia by TPLF & OLF that we patiently observe for the last 26 years are national crime and sin. We don’t hate these sinners, but, we don’t have to tolerate their sin. No compromise, through hell or high water!

    Thanks ጌታቸው ረዳ ( Ethiopi an Semay)

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