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  • By Marcos Lemma (MD, PhD)
    (Aug 23, 2004)

    Are they fully aware of what they are advocating for when they accuse a single ethnic group, in this case Amara, of what they call “Amara national domination” and in particular “Shewan supremacism”?

    This is precisely analogous to the 1930-40’s European fascisms of victimisation by “race”, in this case victimisation by ethnicity to achieve the means and meat the ends of their own hidden agenda of expansion of “empires” at the cost of their neighbours. The exact analogy with European fascism is, Europeans by scapegoating a certain group/ethnicity/nations also justified their expansion of Empires at the cost of the neighbouring people/states territories and or overseas empires which reached its momentum immediately after 1492 (In what we can call post Christopher Columbus Europe).

    Each of the groups: TPLF, EPLF/affiliated organisations and the OLF have had and still have their own agenda and reason.

    In relation to Eritrean and pro Eritrean liberation movements and in particular the TPLF, Dr Tseggai Mebrahtu has given a detailed analysis and an educational article.

    I can add one important point here concerning the TPLF. The TPLF leaders while engaged in scapegoating Amara’s and disseminating lies, disinformation, defamation, biased and incorrect interpretation of history, on the other hand they see it just in all occasions to occupy and annex a huge (what they in public declared “a lions share”) territory of Begemidir (Gonder) of Setit, Humera and so-called Falasha” land incorporating it to Tigray.

    On the other hand the OLF and affiliated organisations, which was the ally of the TPLF till 1992, have also been and is still today engaged in the same act for a long time. To understand the real situation, however, one has to go back to the historical period of during/immediately before and after 1535 of Grang Muhammed’s and his followers Jihad war for conquest. While accusing Amara’s as settlers in “their” territory, what has happened is exactly the vice versa! It they who have been and continue to be engaged in expansion of empires at the cost of the scapegoated and victimised Amara’s.
    What concerns the “Amara domination” and or “Shewa Amara supremacism” I hereby present for everybody to see a list of leaders that have ruled Ethiopia from Emperor Minilik to the Derg.


    1. Emperor Minilik – FatherHaile Melekot (Amara); Mother, W/o Ejigayehu (Oromo)
    2. Emperor Hailesselassie – Father Mekkonen Woldemikael Gudesa (Oromo and Amara) and Ato Welde Melekot Yemane Kristos was only his parental father (Asadagi Abbat), who was a Tigrean noble from Tambien who had moved to Shewa, Mother W/o Yeshimebet (Gurage) Ali AbaJiffar (a daughter of an Oromo Chieftan of Wello) Woizero Yeshimebet died before her son was 2 years old. And his second wife was weizero Welete Giorgis Yimeru, (a Gurage) once married to Ras Darge Sahle Selassie (Minilik II’s uncle), who is not Haileselassie’s mother.

    Persons in political power during Emperor Minilik and Haileselassie’s time:


    Ras Abbebe Aregay Bichire – Defence Minister
    Bilata Deresa Amintu – Vice Minister of ministry of Agriculture
    Dejazmach Deresu Duke – Governor general of Illubabur and Gemugofa
    Dejazmach Fikreselassie Habtemariam – Governor General of Wellega
    Dejazmach Kasa weldemariam – President of Addis Abeba University and Minister of Agriculture
    Dejazmach Shiferaw Balcha – Administrator of Wellega and Abegaz of Jijjiga and Ogaden
    Dejazmach Kifle Dadi – Governor of Gonde
    Dejazmach Sebsibe Shiberru – Governor of Arussi
    Dejazmach Bekele Weya – Adminstrator of Chebbo and Gurage and later on Adinistrotor of CherCher (Harer)
    Dejazmach Kebede Bizuneh – Governor of Kibre Mengist (Adola), Nazareth (Yerer Kereiyu) and Menagesha
    Fitawrari Hailemikael Zewde Goben-?
    Fitawrari Lemma WeldeTsadik – Vice Governor of Sidamo
    Lut. General Jagamma Kello – Commander of the forth army division and Governor of Bale
    Maj. General Mulugeta Buli – Commandor of the Body Guard and Minister of Culture
    Maj. General Abebe Gemeda – Commandor of the Second army division, Vice minister of Finance, Commandor of the Police and in charge of the Body Guard
    Maj. General Wakjira Wereda – In charge of various army divisions
    Maj. General Kelbesa Bekka – Administrator of Sidamo and Tigray
    Maj. General Abera Weldemariam – Vice Commandor of the Air Force
    Maj. General Regasa Jimma – Commandor of various army divisions
    General Demise Bultu – Commandor of the second army division and Comandor of the Army
    General Tadesse Birru –Comandor of the police and special forces
    General Dawit Abdi – Comandor of the army’s engineering division
    Col. Solomon Kedir – Vice minister of customs and (yehizb dehninet minister)
    Lutenant Girma weldegiorgis – Vice minister of the civil aviation and member of the Senet
    Legaba Bekele Hordofa Chengire – Responsible of the Royal Palace (Gibbi)
    Ato Yilma Deresa Amentu – Ethiopian Ambassador to the U.S.A, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Finance and Trade
    Ato Gebremariam Amentu – Advisor of Telecomunications and Finance
    Ato Amanuel Abrham – Ambassodr, Minister of Police and telecommunications, Advisor and member of the Crown Concil
    Ato Bulcha Demeksa – Vice minister of ministry of finance, Minister of Agriculture
    Ato Solomon Gebremariam – Director, vice miniter in various ministries
    Ato Tesfaye Bushen – Vice minister of ministry of Agriculture and Governor of Arusi
    Ato Teshome Gebremariam – Chairperson in the kinistry of Justice, vice minister of ministry of mines
    Ato Olena Natnael – Vice minister of Finance and monitory fund
    Ato Efrem Boru – Ambasador
    Ato Molisa Rabu – Chiefe director in the ministry of Education


    Leul Ras Mengesha – Administrator of Tigray
    Leul Ras Mengesha – Governor of Gibat and Mecha, Sidamo, Minister of labour and Communication
    Ato Abebe Retta – Ambasador
    Ato Belay Abay Kassa – Minister of Land and has been in charge of many other high ranking positions in the governement
    Likemekuas Tadesse Negash – Chief director of ministry of Labour, Vice minister of ministry of Justice, Minster of Justice
    Dejazmach Abbay Kassa – Governor of Chilalo
    Dejazmach Kidane M hailu – Vice president of parliament
    Ato Wendwosen Hailu – Ambasador
    Nebured Gizaw Abera – Administrator Raija and Azebo, Aksum , member of the pariament
    Lt. General Esayas Gebreselassie – Commandor of the armed forces, Governor of Sidamo
    Ato Yohanes Kidanemariam – ?
    Col. Simret Medhine Gebra – Chief of the Air force pilots, The first administretor of Ethiopian Airlines, Minister of labour, minister of city planning
    Doctor Mengesha Gebre Hiwot – Vice minister of ministry of education
    Ato Yohannes welde Gerima – Vice Mayor of Addis Abeba, vice minister of minitry of labour
    Major Mesfin Yebegaeshet – Ambasador and Special Envoy
    Dejazmach Gebre Hiwot Meshesha – Adminstrator of Ticho and also Shire
    General Nega Haileselassie – Adminstrator
    Ato Kidanewold haile – Ambasador
    Doctor Tesfaye Gebre Egzi – Minister of Information


    Dejazmach Gebremariam Gari –Country Administrator
    Dejazmach Kifle Ergettu – Minister of Interior
    Lut. General Weldeselassie Berka – Comandor of special forces in the army, Comandor of the armed forces
    General Welde Yohanes Shita – Second administreter of the Body Guard, Ambasador
    General Teshome Ergetu – Comandor of the Armed Forces, Chief of the Eritrean Police
    Ato Alfred Shafi – Director of Public administration, Vice minister of Interior and later a minister
    Keng Azmach Feleke Ergetu – (Has been in charge of Hizb Dehninet , Administrater, Minister
    Lt. General Weldeselassie Bereka – Comander of spezial forces in the armed forces, Comander of the armed forces
    Maj. General Yilma Shibeshi – Commander of the police force
    Fitawrari Habtemariam weldekidan – Director under the ministry of Health, Administreter of Bahirdar and Gojjam
    Ato Weldegebriel Ambaw – A judge in the Supreme Court
    General Kifle Weldesenbet – Department Chief in the Ministry of Defence, In charge of education in the ministry of defence
    General Gizaw Gebremikael – In charge of wealth and finance of the defence forces
    Ato Seifu Dibaba – Administreter of Gojjam, Secretary trade and Finance, Oditor of minister of communication, Vice minister in the ministry of communication
    Fitawrari Roga Ashame – Governer of the Lakes and Butagira
    Maj. General Taye Balakir Sosum – Comander of Eritrean police force
    Ato Haile Gebre Meskel – Yshewa administration wanna tekotatari
    Azasz Hailu habte – Palace (Gibbi) Administreter
    Ato Abebe ketema – Minister of health
    Afar, Harari and Sidama, Gemu Goffa, Somalia and Welaita:
    Ato Minase Lemma – Minister of Money, Directer and Vice minister, Chief Oditor, Minster of mines, Chief of National bank of Ethiopia
    Fitawrari Desta Fiseha Tona – Governer of Wolaita, Member of Parliament
    Ato Bogale Waselu – Responsible of education in Sidamo
    Ato Mulu Mojja – Judge in the Supreme court
    Fitawrari Abayneh Fanno – Member of the parliament
    Fitawrari Zewde Otoro – Member of the committee for jurisdication, Member of Parliament, Assistant Adminstreter of Sidamo
    Ato Amanuel Habtegiworgis – Member of the Committee for Jurisdication and Judge of the Supreme Court
    Fitawrari Mekonen Dori – Govrner of Geleb Hamar and Bakko, Assistance Administreter of Gemu Goffa
    Bitweded Ali Mirah – Govrner of Adal and Isa, Chief Administeretr of Awassa
    Ato Abdulahi Mume – Harer Custom Director, Assistance and Vice Minister in the ministry of Monetary Fund
    Dejazmach Omar Samater – Administerter of Ogaden
    Fitawrari Ahmed Ali Tase – Administrator of Harar
    Fitawrari Ibrahim Hamid – Judge in the Supreme Court
    Fitawrari Mume Arfo – Administeret of Yegaramulet
    Fitawrari Sayed Weger – Administerter
    Dejazmach Adem Abdu Lemer – Administreter of Wenbera

    Eritrea :

    Bilaten Geta Lorenz Teezaz – Different post under various ministries, Advisor of the Crown and Minister of Foreign Affairs
    Bilaten Geta Efrem Tewlde Medhin – Special envoy for king Haileselassie, Minister of agriculture, Member of the Parliament
    Bitweded Asfha Welde Mikael – Special Envoy for Affairs concerning Eritrea , Minster of Health, Advisor of the Crown
    Dejazmach Tedla Bahru – Special Envoy for Eritrean Parliament, Assistant administreter of Eritrea
    Dejazmach Tesfayohanes Berhe – Special Envoy for the Eritrean Parliament,
    Dejazmach Haregot Abbay – Mayor of Eritrea
    Bilata Kifle Egzi Yihdego – Judge in the Supreme Court, Affe Negus in the Supreme Court
    Bilata Dawit Ekube Egzi – Special envoy of the king, Assistant minister in the ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Ato Seyoum Haregot – Assistant Prime minister, In the Prime ministers office Yeastedader Wanna Halafi
    Ato Melese Mikael Andom – Special Envoy for the crown
    Ato Tesfaye GebreEgzi – Ambasador, Assistance minister in the ministry of foreign Affairs and ministry fo Information
    Doctor Solomon Abrha – Behager Astedader Wanna director, Vice minister
    Dejazmach Gebre Yohanes Teklemariam – Ambasador, Minister in the ministry of Education
    Ato Sereke Berhan GebreEgzi –Ambasador, Assistant minister in the ministry of Foreign Affairs,
    Ato Araya Ekube Egzi – Ambasador – Chief commissioner of Tourism, Assistance minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    General Yakob Gebre Leul – Commander of various divisions of the Armed forces
    General Aman Andom – Commander of the armed forces and member of the parliament
    General HaYile Baikedang – Commander of the first and second armed divisions
    Maj. General Mebratu Fiseha – Assistant Chief of the Police force, Assistant minister maritiems, Assistant administrator of Gamu Goffa
    Doctor Ambaye Gebremariam – Ambasador, Vice minister in the ministry of Justice
    Ato Osman Muhammed – Ambasodor, Yehizb Habt Mikitil Minister, Assistant minister of Mayors
    Ato Melakeselam Dimitros – Yeaksum Neburid, Beminister Dereja Yeabyote Kirstianat Wanna Asfetsami, Member of the parliament
    Ato Hagos Tewlde Medhin – Assistant administrative minister in the ministry of Agriculture, Chief Judge, Mikitil Afe Negus
    Ato Yohanes Tsige – Ambasador, Assistant minister in the ministry of Healt
    Doctor Bereketeab Habteselassie – Professor in Addis Abeba University , Yehager Mikitil Astedadari, Wannana Mikitil Akabe Hig, Mikitil Yehager wist Astedader Minister
    General Asefa Gebre Egzi – Commander of Safty Flight operation, Assistant commander of the Air Force
    Doctor Abrham Demoz – Assistance and Professor of Linguistics and history

    During The Time Of The Derg And Mengistu Hailemariam:

    Col. Mengistu Hailemariam – President (Father Oromo, Mother Wolaita and Not as claimed Amara.)
    Col. Debela Dinsa- Member of Office of the Police Force and Vice President
    Ato Yesuf Ahmed – Vice President
    Colonel Tekka Tullu – Member of the Police Force and Yedehninet Halafi
    Colonel Tesfaye Weldeselassie – Member of the Politburou
    Doctor Geremew Debele – Ambassador and Minister of Agriculture
    Ato Tesfaye Dinka – Member of the Politburou, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Money, Minister of Industry and Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister
    General Tesfaye Gebrekidan – Member of the Politburou, Minister of Diffence and later on President
    Capitan Mengistu Gemechu – Special Aid and Advisor for col. Mengistu Hailemariam
    General Mesfin Gebrekal –Armed forces operational and political Chief
    General Fiseha Desta – Member of the Politburou and Vice President
    Doctor Berhane Gebrayi – Central Comitee member of the Ethiopian Workers Party, Ambasador, Assistant minister in the ministry of Education
    General Yaditu Girumu – Chief of the Addis Abeba Police
    Doctor Duri Muhammed – President of Addis Abeba University ,
    Ato Simon Galore – Chief of Ethiopian Workers Party in Southern Ethiopia
    Ato Tadese – General Maneger of the National Bank of Ethiopia , Minister of Foreign Trade and Ambasador

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